Four Factors to Consider When Choosing Genetic Health Tests


Lots of people have health problems that can only get identified through testing the DNA. Medical research is classifying the link between the genetic makeup and the risk of many age related diseases. It is advisable to get tested as early as you are energetic to identify whether you are free to the various genetic diseases. Before getting tested for an inherited related diseases, it is wise to consider the following factors.

Firstly, you need to evaluate the level of technology used to verify your inherited health diseases. There are two major types of technology used in home dna testing. The first one is SNP genotyping which analyzes the DNA to identify only known gene variations. The second category is called DNA sequencing which identifies both known and new gene variations. Both types of identifying the gene variations are excellent, the only thing that makes them different is due to the reasons that you like to know what is in your DNA. For example, you can use the DNA sequencing if you are wondering whether you are prone to cancer. On the other hand, you cannot use DNA genotyping for that reason.

Secondly, you must consider the price charged to get genetic health testing. Price examination is an essential factor to consider before undergoing the procedures for genetic screening. You must know that higher prices do not mean an extra value on your genetic testing. Instead, you need to base your decisions on the benefits the test offers compared to other dna test given by other professionals.

Thirdly, before choosing any genetic testing, it is wise to consider the certification of several experts providing these services. Many professionals hang their accreditations on the entrance door at their places of work or on their notice board. Therefore, it is desirable to choose the expert who has high grades. Many labs have Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments known as CLIA. It is wise to obtain the services from the laboratory accredited with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. To get more ideas on how to choose genetic testing kit, go to

Finally, you must consider the reputation and level of experience different experts have. Considering the years the expert has been in the field of genetic health testing will enable you to choose the right genetic health testing.

Conclusively, if you do not understand your genetic results well, it is wise to consult a genetic counselor who will tell you everything you would like to know concerning your health issues. If you yearn to undergo the genetic testing, it is wise first to look the appraisals of different experts via the search engine optimization and select the one with numerous reviews.