The Importance of Genetic DNA Testing


Genetic DNA testing is a recent invention of medical science. It seeks to be of use in paternity testing, testing for various genetic diseases during pregnancy and in forensic investigations. Genetic testing has many uses which will be elaborated in this article. The first use is paternity testing which verifies who fathered a particular child in case there is doubt of who the biological father is. Doing such dna test uk has financial and relationship implications. This is because it might cause a strain in the relationship between the two parent and their child. Genetic testing for such a case is done by collecting DNA samples of the mother, father and the child. What follows suit is the comparison of these samples to check whether there are any matches.

Genetic testing is used in the discovery of your family tree and the verification of your family history. In this case the Y chromosome has some of its parts examined. The reason why parts of Y chromosomes are used is because they do not undergo changes all through different generations. People sharing a common ancestry will have similarities in parts of the Y chromosome. Doing this helps establish ancestral lines. This ancestry dna testing kit uk is also a similar method in determining the racial group that one belongs in.

There are a couple of laboratories that offer these services. There are even packs that can be used at home that will still have the same outcome. You can therefore know your race history. There was once a man who thought he was of African American ancestry. The ancestry genetic testing proved his thoughts to be null as it turned out that he was a mixture of many race groups including Indo- European and Native American. Before a child is born a prenatal genetic testing can be carried out to prevent the child from inheriting certain diseases. Many diseases are as a result of abnormalities within the DNA strains which can be eliminated by genetic testing.

The prenatal genetic testing is used to warn the parents of potential threats that can be affect the child therefore the parents are given a choice to do what is best for the child. The advantage of DNA testing are that it is painless as the samples can be gotten as easily as using a swab. The testing is also non- invasive. The DNA swabs are then examined at the laboratory and the results determined. To read more on the importance of DNA testing, check out